VLOG: Coffee!!!!

Do you love your morning cup of joe, but also want to be healthy and lose weight? What a dilemma……..watch this video to find out what I did!!!

Step away from my cup of coffee!  Sure, I am interested in all things HEALTHY! But I am also a mom of two very energetic little girls, and my life is stressful!  I…NEED…MY…COFFEE!  I am willing to give up a lot of things in my journey towards C.H.A.N.G.E (Choose Health and Never Give-up Ever!).

I LOVE COFFEE!!!!!!  So much of my life is focused on what I can do to be healthier, but I cannot give up coffee!  I have tried to switch to tea, herbal coffee, or decaf….FAIL!  I have tried to limit myself to only drinking it on the weekend……TORTURE!  I have realized that coffee is my one vice, I have accepted that fact, and MOVED ON!

If you want to learn how to “healthify” your relationship with coffee, check out these 5 simple tips.

Since we have firmly established the fact that I WILL ALWAYS drink coffee, let’s explore some practical things everyone can do to make their morning cup of joe a bit healthier.  For those of you who can drink the stuff black, GOD BLESS YOU!  This VLOG isn’t for you! It is for the rest of us who believe that coffee is supposed to be creamy and sweet.


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