Steam Showers buying guide and best reviews

Steam showers refer to enclosed units having vapor-tight doors that are fitted with a steam generator. The generator is used to heat up water to boil and disperses vapor towards an individual within the shower. Steam showers can be fitted with either benches or stools, so that while bathing, you can just sit and relax enjoying the steam sauna experience. Some of the steam shower models have been designed like the combo of the steam shower and the bathtub.

According to steam shower reviews, several of the steam showers include all typical shower fixtures, like several shower heads and many more features. Some other models may offer aromatherapy. This is an additional advantage, but not all showers have this feature.

Where steam showers are used.

Steam showers can be mostly used in health clubs or gymnasium. They are suited in these locations because they are needed in soothing aching joints, relaxing muscles, or even invigorating tired bodies. For the latest period, steam shower manufacturers have developed the home spa market. Homeowners now have a wide range of products they can access, ranging from complete steam shower units to special equipment designed to add steam capabilities to conventional showers.

Also, one can create ultimate comfort by installing steam showers in the residential bathrooms.

Buying Guide and Reviews

The different steam showers have different designs. Some are enclosed cubicle resembling the standard shower. Some showers have multiple shelves where one can place various toiletries. Other showers have steam bath units that have fittings for a CDplayer or telephone, or even a radio as well.

The fitting of fiberglass door:

Most of the steam showers have fiberglass door that designed so as to fit flush against the doorway. In this regard, no steam will have to escape steam shower into the cold air. The design feature furthermore ensures there is consistency in the flow of hot steam that envelops the cubicle.

Need for an electrician

While buying steam showers, your electrician should advise you where you should install the shower. This shower unit should have access to a nearby power socket where the electrical steam generator should be connected. Your new steam shower will need up to 220 volts of electrical power

Locating of steam jets

When the steam shower unit has been installed, you will need various steam jets pointing away from the person seated inside the shower. Choose the right positioning, therefore.

Additional oils

For the ultimate experience, you are going to add healing aromatic aromatherapy oils into the dispenser found within the steam shower. These soothing oils are going to mix with steam from your sand produce an outstanding relaxing.

Luxury Steam Shower Suites

Some of the today’s steam showers suites a loaded to the gills with features. Luxury bath suites may cost from $20,000 – $30,000. The available options include; hands-free telephones, fluorescent mood lighting, aromatherapy, multiple water jets, body sprays, aqua-pressure foot massagers, waterproof CD players and radios, iPod hookups, ceiling rain showers, and waterfalls.

Modular Steam Shower Units

The quickest way to obtain a new steam shower is by installing a modular unit. They may be priced from $2,000 to $5,000. The prefabricated all-in-one modular shower units have multiple showerheads, integral doors, molded seats, and even steam dispensers. Through either of these, one can enjoy a regular shower or steam bath. Additionally, others units have the whirlpool bathtubs incorporated at the base.

•      Made from easy-to-clean acrylic- waterproof enclosures designed to keep water vapor from escaping the shower towards the rest bathroom, here, it may damage paints, walls, or wallpaper.

•      Basic models are configured and sized to fit the space of a conventional shower unit/bathtub —as a result, replacing existing tub can be easily done with no excessive reconstruction. Some of these have been designed for easy installation and the hookup to plumbing.

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