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This life we are living is an adventure, and nobody’s story is the same. Being grounded means knowing where you came from and not being scared of where you are going. A grounded person is willing to fail, to fall down, to pick themselves back up and to hope for a better future. Constantly striving to become a better version of themselves, and willingly sacrificing the non-necessities to make time for what truly matters. A grounded person does not fit the status-quo, nor do they wish to. A grounded person understands the importance of establishing healthy habits, cultivating meaningful relationships, and embracing their uniqueness.Grounded and Surrounded www.groundedandsurrounded.com

We all need community! We need to be inspired, encouraged, and embraced. The concept of being surrounded is simple yet profound. Finding friends who share your values, fit into your busy schedule, and love you for who you are is more difficult than we once thought. Too many men and women are living as islands, hiding their pain, hiding their fears, and pouring all of their energy into looking like they have it all together. Here is the radical truth: Nobody has it all together. And a true friend would never expect you to. Being surrounded gives you the freedom to embrace your failures and encouragement to keep trying and never give up!

best friendsWe are best friends with a passion for healthy living!   Come along with us on our own journeys toward living truly grounded lives, share our victories and laugh with us. Surround us when we fall down, and dare to join us in our goal to lead simple, yet profoundly complete lives. We decided to write each others bios, because good friends often see your strengths and beauty more clearly than you can see it in yourself. ENJOY!

Sarah Koontz

Sarah Elizabeth Koontz

Sarah has a big personality! She is serious yet silly, confident, smart, creative, and a natural born leader. She is incredibly generous while still living frugally.  Sarah is a friend for life. She is committed to her relationships and invests all she has into them. She is also an ideas person and once she gets one in her head there is no stopping her until she has made it a reality. Her two sweet little girls are the apple of her eye, and her love and respect for her husband is unmatched. She is a “closet crunchy-granola mama” (this is a direct quote) but don’t confuse that with someone who doesn’t have style because she can put together a one of a kind outfit in 30 seconds flat. I am so thankful to have such a great “sistafriend” by my side to share this blog with and most importantly to have in this crazy adventure called life. –Sammi

Sammi Ricke

Sammi Jo Ricke

Sammi is a beautiful person.  She is kind and generous, full of love and life.  She is self-deprecating to a fault, but her unassuming presence makes you feel immediately at ease around her.  Her husband and kids adore her, and she works so hard to provide a beautiful home and delicious, healthy meals for them.  She is growing in strength and character every day, and she has a passion to help other women do the same.  She is far from perfect, as she fiercely believes in others but constantly doubts herself.  Sammi does not like to be the center of attention, but she is the best supporting actress around!  She loves to work behind the scenes, but is more than capable of stealing the show with her knowledge and ability to communicate.  Sammi is constantly grounding me, and surrounding me, and I am so lucky to have her as a partner on this blog. –Sarah

About Sarah Koontz

Sarah Koontz is a freelance writer and regular contributor at Grounded & Surrounded. If you are interested in growing your faith, nourishing your family life, and discovering the beauty of God's design, be sure to follow her personal blog at SarahKoontz.com. When Sarah is not writing, you are likely to find her covered in dirt, sitting in the middle of her garden, adoring her beautiful flock of backyard chickens. She is eternally grateful for her husband and two little girls, and revels in their simple, uncluttered life. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.