Pinspiration: Healthy Holiday Party

I love these simple holiday recipes to make any holiday party a little more skinny jeans friendly. ;) You will find both savory and sweet options to satisfy everyone's tastes. Let's do the holidays in style this year!

I love these simple Pinterest recipes to make any holiday party a little more skinny jeans friendly. 😉 You will find both savory and sweet options to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

1. Christmas Tree Vegetable Tray

Kelly Toups

What a simple and cute Christmas vegetable tray! Accompany with a hummus dip and your ready to party!

kelly toups veggie tray


2. Turkey Cranberry Meatballs

Six Sisters’ Stuff

My family loves meatballs, so I am looking forward to making these! Perfect flavors + Easy to prepare = Much needed new recipe!

Turkey Cranberry Meatballs


3. Grinch Kabobs

Nourishing Minimalism

This recipe is the kid-friendly Pinterest find for you party, but who are we kidding, even as an adult I think these are fun!

grinch kabobs


4. Holiday Spiced Almonds

Grounded & Surrounded

I love these Almonds!  Sarah makes them every year, and I have to admit that I can’t wait to grab a few every time I stop by her house.  I love the fact that these satisfy your sweet tooth while offering you a dose of healthy fats and protein at the same time.  The perfect sweet holiday treat!  Just remember, only a small handful at a time!

Holiday Spiced Almonds | Grounded and Surrounded Not only are they incredibly delicious but super easy to make! Wonderful gift for neighbors, teachers, or to yourself ;) -Sammi


5. Skinny Eggnog

Oatmeal with a Fork

I made this for the first time last year as a fun treat for my husband and me to enjoy during our Christmas movie marathon (yes, I make him watch them with me!). It was incredibly easy to make and so decadent! We had some left over the next morning so I used it to make French Toast (which was a hit with the kids).  All around great recipe!

egg nog oatmeal with a fork

What a smashing holiday party to be had! Don’t forget to invite Sarah and I…seriously we want to come… you know we love food…and you guys, of course!

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